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Situated in the barren Northlands a ten day hard ride from the nearest other city, Azinus’ Fall is a fading relic of a bygone age. Situated straddling several potent ley lines, Azinus’ Fall was once called home by a coterie of great and powerful wizards, known as the Order of the Spire. Now, the Order is a shadow of its former glory, and Azinus’ Fall has grown increasingly isolated from the world.

The Azzinian War Academy, a 150 year old institution founded to stabilize the floundering economy of the city, trains superlative adventurers and contracts them out to nation states across the realm to serve in whatever capacities they need. In so doing, Azinus’ Fall was saved from collapse. However, as ancient feuds between nations cool and swords are beaten to plowshares, the fate of the once great city is again threatened.

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